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You can find Free Advice Girl in the heart of NYC at Washington Square Park. She is happy to explore any and all of your questions.

Free Advice Girl

What's it all about?

Free Advice Girl sits with an open presence, ready to talk to anyone who approaches. Any question, asked with genuine curiosity is grounds for discussion. “How can you give advice on any topic?” Free Advice Girl doesn’t tell anybody what to do or what to think which allows for limitless possibilities. Free Advice is not about adding information but rather chipping away at our habits or fixed ways of being so that we are exposed to a new perspective. Once a new insight is achieved, Free Advice Girl brainstorms with the participant to create a plan of action. This sets the experience that occurred within the park into motion out in the real world.

Thank you for everything today! It's good to hear from a third party, without taking sides or favorites. It's really great what you do, we'll be back with some updates!





Free Advice Project participant

 Amazing generosity on the part of Free Advice Girl. How many people would take the time out of their life to sit for hours in the park and offer free advice to help better people and the community. Beautiful heart.

​Free Advice Project participant

My experience talking to you was profound enough to have stuck in my memory, and your words sincere enough to have effected the course I charted through the past four months. I thought you should know that what you do has real meaning and your advice does have real weight. Thanks again.

Free Advice Project participant​

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