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The Advice Project




The Advice Project encompasses all the oportunities that have been and are currently being created as a direct result of offering free advice in the park.  All projects support the core mission which is to uplift humanity, one conversation at a time.
If you would like to participate in The Advice Project and/or have an idea that could be part of  The Advice Project, please contact Free Advice Girl.  We love to collaborate!



The Advice Project

Free Advice Meets the Classroom!

New York City educator, Meredith Towne-DeVito and Free Advice Girl have teamed together to create and teach an 8-week workshop within a NYC high school classroom that explores the topics of advice, identity, communication and storytelling. Coming soon to a classroom near you!

The Advice Project

Free Advice Goes Global!

We are an ongoing, global community that offers free advice in public spaces throughout the world. Our mission is to create positive connections with strangers, uplifting humanity one conversation at a time. Join us!

The Advice Project

Free Advice Goes Digital!

There's so much to learn about and relate to in the hearing of someone else's question that, after receiving hundreds of emails, it was time to open up the conversation to the online community in the form of The Advice Column. This is an opportunity for people to connect to one another, realizing we are all on this journey together. If you'd like to anonymously ask a question to be published in The Advice Column, please email

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