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Lisa Podell has always had a passion for psychology, education, communication and the arts.  People turned to Lisa for advice as early as elementary school and she’s been honing her skills ever since. When she went to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts to study Drama, it was never the desire to be a star that kept her motivated but the psychology behind the craft. 


When Lisa went on to receive a dual Master’s in Educational Theatre and English Education from NYU’s Steinhardt School, it was the psychology behind how people learn that fascinated her. She practiced how to ask better questions so as to assess the differing levels of intelligence. This skill has become the foundation of The Advice Project. She also combined her passions for therapy and education while studying Applied Theatre. She traveled the world to facilitate workshops in prisons, homeless shelters and inner-city schools that used theatre as a way to address community issues.

After spending many years as a classroom teacher, she discovered that her priority resided in working with people one-on-one. Lisa joined Adolescent Mentoring where she currently mentors students, grades K-12. She creates an individualized plan with each student to help them address and overcome personal challenges as well as to set and achieve their goals.

As Free Advice Girl, she is able to draw from her years of experience and her undying passion for the art of conversation. With strong listening skills and an ability to quickly establish a sense of trust, Free Advice Girl provides powerful and positive free advice that leaves the participant with a fresh perspective and a plan of action!

Who is Free Advice Girl?

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